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表示方式、手段或工具等时(=以,用),如:with a car 用卡车2. 与某些抽象名词连用时,其作用相当于一个副词.如:with care=carefully 认真地with kindness=kindly 亲切

with[wIT] prep.1.与…(在)一起,带着:Come with me. 跟我一起来吧./ I went on holiday with my friend. 我跟我朋友一起去度假./ Do you want to walk home with me? 你愿意和我一道走回家吗 2.(表带有或拥有)有…的,持有,随身带着:I

、with表拥有某物 I often dream of a big house with a nice garden . 我经常梦想有一个带花园的大房子.The old man lived with a little dog on the lonely island . 这个老人和一条小狗住在荒岛上.二、with表用某种工具或手段 I cut the apple with a

这是with引导的独立主格结构,这种结构在英语中很常见,有多种形式,在句子中作状语.此处是with +名词(代词)+名词 .例如:She used to sit reading in the evening with her pet dog her only companion. 她从前总爱在晚上坐着看书,她的宠

1.John was very relaxed with all the homework done.2.John had to stay up late last night with so much homework to do.3.John likes sleeping with the light on 4.John likes sleeping with the window open5.Mr.John came into the classroom with a book in his hand.6.John was watching TV with his feet shaking.

1 I entered the room with a book in my hand. 2 I went out to play with my homework undone. 3 with后面怎么加副词 我不会 4 I feel desperate with a lot of work to do 5 I traveled arround the whole park with riding a bike. 6I went into the classroom with a book holded in my hand.


1.with 名词(或代词) 现在分词 如:She fell asleep with the light burning. 她开着灯睡觉.2.with 名词(或代词) 过去分词 如:With nothing left in the cupboard,she went out to get something to eat. 因为家里橱柜里没有吃的了,她出去买些吃的.

with结构的用法 在句子中with结构多数充当状语,表示行为方式,伴随情况、时间、原因或条件(详见上述例句). with结构在句中也可以作定语.例如: 1.i like eating the mooncakes with eggs. 2.from space the earth looks like a huge water-

1.与动词一样,With复宾中的宾语补足语也可以由各种结构来充当. 英语语法With的复合结构用的较多,以下是用法e69da5e6ba9062616964757a686964616f31333332643231: 表伴随时,既可用分词的独立结构,也可用with的复合结构.

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