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misfortune [misf:tn] n. 不幸, 厄运, 逆境 she had the misfortune to break her leg. 她不幸摔断了腿. 不幸的事, 灾难, 灾祸 misfortunes never come single. 祸不单行.

misfortune n. 不幸, 灾祸 给个完整的句子吧,这两个词放一起不同

misfortune [mis'f:tn]n.不幸, 厄运, 逆境;不幸的事, 灾难, 灾祸如 She had the misfortune to break her leg.她不幸摔断了腿.Misfortunes never come single.祸不单行.望楼主满意我的回答,如有疑问,在线商榷


Why are young men unwilling to date the daughter of the Fortunes ? 年轻人为什么不愿意和fortune家女儿约会?Because she is Miss Fortune(misfortune)因为她是fortune小姐(不幸,灾难)这两个词读音相同misfortune [misf:tn]n.不幸,厄运,逆境;不幸事故,灾难

weep one"s misfortune 哀叹某人不幸 很高兴为你解答 weep one"s misfortune 哀叹某人的不幸 很高兴为你解答

luck / lk; lk/ n [U] chance, esp thought of as a force that brings good or bad fortune 运气; 造化: have good, poor, hard (ie bad), little, bad, etc luck 运气好、 不好、 背、 欠佳、 坏等. good fortune 好运; 幸运: I hope this charm will bring you

pursue KK: [] DJ: [] vt.1. 追赶;追踪;追捕 The policemen pursued the bank robbers.警察追赶抢劫银行的罪犯.2. (疾病等)纠缠;跟随 He has been pursued by misfortune.他厄运连连.3. 追求;向求爱 She pursued the goal of perfection in her


misfortune never comes singly祸不单行双语对照词典结果:misfortune never comes singly祸不单行;

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