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认为重要 think sth important feel it important find it important sb thinks / finds/ feels/ believes/ considers that it is important .she thinks it important to learn english well attach importance to consider important be attached to attach importance to

important explanation 重要说明 vitally important 性命攸关 most important 首要的 distinctly important极为重要的 play an important role 起到重要作用

be important to的同义词组有mean a lot to 等.be important to 对…重要 例句 No one really knows what knowledge and skills will be important to you later in life.没有人会预料到哪些知识以及技能会对自己未来的生活很重要.mean a lot to 全部, 对…意义重大 , 意义重大 , 很有意义 例句 You mean a lot to me, I cannot lose you any longer!你对于我太重要,我不能再失去你!

It用法小结 it在英语语法中属人称代词,意思是“它”,用来指人以外的一切生物和事物.它的用法不仅不简单,而且很复杂.一、用于指人以外的一切生物、无生命的东西和事情. 一般指说话者心目中已经了解或所指的生物、无生命的东西或

可以的,important to sb.比较口语化,而且for和to在日常口语中分得不是很清楚的,

be/get/become used to 习惯于 be given to 喜欢;癖好 be related to 与…有关系 be addicted to 沉溺于;对…上瘾 be opposed to 反对 devote oneself to献身于;专心于 be devoted to 致力于;忠诚于 be admitted to 被…录取;准进入 be reduced to

it is important for sb to do sth important 重要的(adj.) important的用法:It's important (for sb) to do sth1.重要的,重大的[(+to/for)] It is important to see that everything goes well.重要的是确保一切顺利.It is important to learn to communicate.学会


For me to learn 其余的都对.


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