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“first order of business”头一笔(第一笔)订单生意.

chapter roundup 第一章综述 government policy 政府政策 typical pyramid structure 典型的金字塔结构 establish lines 建立线

business n.1. 生意,交易;商业;营业;行业[U][C] Mr. Jones is in the business of selling cars.琼斯先生从事汽车销售.How is business?生意如何?2. 商店;商行;公司;企业[C] She started a new business in Phoenix not long ago.不久前她在

account n.计算, 帐目, 说明, 估计, 理由 vi.说明, 总计有, 认为, 得分 vt.认为 客户:与一公司有着商业或信誉联系的顾客:salespeople visiting their accounts.Worth, standing, or importance:价值,地位,重要性:a landowner of some

CONSTRUCTING OR CREATING 建造或创造 (a) [Tn,, Dn.n,] ~ sth (from/(out) of sth); ~ sth (for sb) construct, create or prepare sth by combining materials or putting parts together (用材料或零件)做 制作 制造 建造或创造某

on business英 [n biznis] 美 [n bzns] adv.出差;因公 例句: I'm here on business 我到这儿来办公事. SOA is based on business requirements. SOA基于业务需求.

buy KK: [] DJ: [] vt.1. 买,购买[O1][O8] Mother bought me a pair of jeans.母亲给我买了一条牛仔裤.I bought my house cheap.我这房子买得便宜.2. 【俚】接受;同意;相信 If you say it's true, I'll buy it.如果你说是真的,我就接受下来.3. (以一定

1.使役动词是表示使、令、让、帮、叫等意义的不完全及物动词,主要有make(使,令), let(让), help(帮助), have(叫)等. 2.使役动词后接受词,再接原形不定词作受词补语. 接宾语时,人称代词用宾格. he made me(宾格)

supply1 [s'plai] vt. 1. 供应,提供,供给(常与with连用): to supply someone with supper 给某人提供晚饭 to supply communities with gas 向社区供应煤气 2. 向…提供(物资等),为…提供(或供应)(常与for, to连用): We can supply the

success n.成功 Hard work leads to success./He is a success./The party is a big success.succeed v.成功 They succeeded in swimming across the river.successful adj.成功的 This is a successful meeting.successfully adv.成功地 Tom was operated successfully by the doctor.

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