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Last Friday was my birthday. I invited many friends to come to my home to have a party. My mother cook a big dinner for us.My father bought me a beautiful birthday cake.When the candles were lit, all of us sang the birthday song together.I was very

We had a good time Last Saturday, my friend held a birthday party. That day,he invited me to take part in his birthday party. I was so happy and I first went to the People Market by bus and spent three dollars buying a present for my friend there. My

你注意大小写 tony is my good friend,he's 13 years old,he likes reading english book, so,his english is very well,he sometimes surf the internet,he looks after his health,he exercises twice or three times a week,his eating habits are very good,he likes

I have a dream everyone has his dreams,some of them dream of becoming a teacher,others a doctor,or a policeman.but i have a another kind of dream is a nice dream,in my dream,i am an angel,i have a pair of wings,so i can fly!i can fly

Develop InterestAs a middle school student, I learn many subjects, I study so hard every day. When I get home, I will do my homework and then go over the book. But when holiday comes, I feel a little confused, because I don't want to study but to do

Spring Concert Welcome to Spring Concert.We hope you'll have a great timehere. The notice to the audience: 1, Food are not allowed to bring; 2, Pet are not allowed to bring; 3, Do not make much noise; 4, Do not run in concert hall; 5,Please mute cellphone. Thanks a lot! May you enjoy yourself.

I have got a happy winter holiday this year. In this year, I haappy day winter holiday. In the first day, I went back to my hometown with my parents. When I got there, I saw my grandparents. Then we had lunch together. At that time, we not only had

1, It's easy to keep healthy lifestyle.Firet, you shuould eat healthy food. Don't drink coffee or eat food. You should try to drink milk and drink lots of water. You should exercise every day.Now you can keep health.2,A/H1N1 这个保证对3,I plan to go to my

我是一个8年级的学生,英语翻译是:I am a student of Grade 8.句子解释:student 英[stju:dnt] 美[stu:dnt] n. 中学生; 学生,大学生; 研究者,学者; <美俚>初学者; [例句]Warren's eldest son is an art student, at St Martin's.沃伦的大儿子是

winter vacation plan How time flies(时间过得真快),unconsciously(不知不觉地) the next winter vacation (寒假)will soon come.In order to improve(提高) myself as well as enjoy a happy holiday,I made the winter vacation plan. Firstly i

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