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About pay and allowance for me, i'd like to clarify the hospital is : out medicine to happen in 2009 november first, medicine, the reason the event is not my personal because the company formulates the availability of commercial units of the drug ( 采

我要提问 十万火急,在线等!!求英文高手帮忙翻译一下讨薪 匿名 分享到微博 提交回答 1 问: 跳楼讨薪为何被行政拘留呢? 答: 《中华人民共和国治安管理处罚法》第二十三条有下列行为之一的,

Job category: Full-time employment hope profession: Tourism goal place: Ningpo, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing expectation wages: Discusses in person/month the goal function: Chief of office/human resources assistant/divisional manager

The greatest feature of works of art is to use one of the most common story, to promote an extremely interesting idea, which reflects a rich ideological content

I'm really overjoyed to receive your reply (letter)!Normally I would do something meaning every weekends.This weekends I have decided to go visit old folks home with my classmates.We will just chat with the old folks there and take some small walks with them.

The dirty mire usually needs to carry on to prepare a processing while using to filter or leaving the method machine of heart to dehydrate, then pass toward the hurl in the dirty mire to add various coagulate, make dirty mire grain flocculate , the

英文翻译I remember the home of the whole not so. My hometown is much better. But I remember his beautiful, out of his good office to, and yet there are no images, no words of. Seems also true. So I explained: Hometown of this is also true -

I am born in an intermediate deck family. My English name is called Jack, this year 19 years old, I am an intelligent open and bright boy. The life in a very happy three-person family, in the family has daddy, mother and I. Daddy is a very outstanding


1. were, I would 2. told, would laugh 3. I were you, would relax 4. would..were 5. had one million, would give it

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