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d 意思是:你的朋友有什么? your friend是第三人称单数,所以用does

1,A,有后面的So about a week说明是一段时间,因此用How long 2,D,简单的电话用语,是This is Mr.Lee speaking的缩写3,C,看病用语,What's the matter?=what's wrong with you4,A,表示提建议,选择疑问句5,A,Sorry,I'm

a have 因为主语是we复数 所以谓语动词也应该是复数 而are表示的是 我们是…… 并不符合语意 如果主语是There的话 是可以用are的

C How do you like your monitor=What do you think of your monitor.你觉得班长咋样catch up(with)赶上even though =even if 即使D 强调B 宾语从句看从句doubted ---wouldC 没有宾语 不加 about这里

1.Our classroom has four windows.【There are】four windows in our classroom.2.It's time for lunch.It's time【to have】lunch.3.Jim and his friends are playing games.Jim 【is】 playing games 【with】his friends.4.She has no brothers.She doesn't【have any 】brothers.希望对你有帮助祝你学业进步!

in my classroom have many students ,,many desks,chairs a teacher and a blackboard

1 应该选择C,“上等的”的意思,首先在名词的前面应该是个形容词,所以B可以首先淘汰,再根据句子的意思选择,A表示“成熟的”,不符合题意.2 应该是Are you cleaning your classroom now?说到动词的适当形式无非就是一

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