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a have 因为主语是we复数 所以谓语动词也应该是复数 而are表示的是 我们是…… 并不符合语意 如果主语是There的话 是可以用are的

1.Our classroom has four windows.【There are】four windows in our classroom.2.It's time for lunch.It's time【to have】lunch.3.Jim and his friends are playing games.Jim 【is】 playing games 【with】his friends.4.She has no brothers.She doesn't【have any 】brothers.希望对你有帮助祝你学业进步!

have(can后+动词原形)What's /What is(提问句子的主语(包括主语前的修饰语)时,句型一律用"what is + 地点介词短语?"(无论主语是单数还是复数都用is)has(动词单三式)

范文欣赏my classroom this is our classroom, which is a nice big room. the windows are big and the walls are white. there is a blackboard on the front wall. on the back wall there is a map, which is a map of china. in front of the blackboard there is a

a have 因为主语是we复数 所以谓语动词也应该是复数而are表示的是 我们是…… 并不符合语意 如果主语是there的话 是可以用are的

我也是个学生第一题,B. lunch是不可数名字,不能用冠词,选项中只能用your第二题,C. 因为问句的be动词是are.你选的答案:room没有s,不是复数第三题,B. 这句话

in my classroom have many students ,,many desks,chairs a teacher and a blackboard

I'm in Class 3, Grade5 . My classroom is not very big, but it is clean. There are many desks snd chairs in it. There are two blackboards on the wall. The teacher's desk is in front of the blackboard. There are four lights on the white wall. And there are

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